The total cost of a product caused by: selection, procurement, purchase, installation, operation, use and maintenance, training and repair, disposal and return and all other related activities are referred to as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This means that not only the purchase but also the total costs in the life cycle of a product are considered.

The long service life of a Montforts machine increases not only the economic but also the ecological advantage of your investment through sustainability. Even after 20 years of intensive use, a Monforts machine can be retrofitted and its life cycle extended thanks to the wear-free nature of its core components.

The TCO-reducing characteristics include:

•    Wear-free guidance: lower maintenance costs, high availability
•    Vibration damping through hydrostatics: lower tool costs, good surface quality
•    Long-term accuracy: test density can be reduced, low test costs, low reject costs
•    Long service life: machine sale or retrofit instead of scrapping