Monforts Machine Tools - powerful, long-lasting show precision and are durable

Reliable production requires a sophisticated machine concept. There are some essential design features that make the difference:

The substructure

Concrete base with three-point support

... a solution for any load-bearing sub-surface

Your benefit:

•    no separate foundation necessary
•    no levelling work necessary
•    no costs

The torsion-resistant structure

Inclined bed as solid steel construction

... a solution for optimal chip fall and stability

Your benefit:

•    highest surface quality and vibration damping
•    high stiffness against cutting forces
•    highest resistance to continuous stress

The hydrostatic longitudinal guidance

Massive guide column for hydrostatics

... the solution for vibration damping and wear resistance

Your benefit:

•    no stick-slip effect
•    cost reduction due to longer tool life
•    a 10-year guarantee on the hydrostatics
•    low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Working at Monforts

We are growing and you are there ...because in mechanical engineering,

we are at home as mechanics or electricians in production and service or want to steer our support in the right direction with your commercial training as a contact point in case of service.

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The total cost of a product caused by: selection, procurement, purchase, installation, operation, use and maintenance, training and repair, disposal and return and all other related activities are referred to as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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