MONFORTS MACHINE TOOLS - powerful, long-lasting show precision and are durable

Reliable production requires a sophisticated machine concept. There are some essential design features that make the difference

Hydrostatic round guide

Permanently precise and wear-free

All Monforts CNC machines have one characteristic in common: the maintenance-free and wear-free longitudinal guidance. There is no resistance when starting the carriage. The so-called stick-slip effect as a cause of static friction does not occur. This is ensured by a 10 µm thick oil film between the bore and the column, which also serves as damping.  Even path increments of 0.001 mm are moved stick-slip-free.

Advantages of the carriage guidance on a round support column are:
• High rigidity against cutting forces
• Very good damping of vibrations
• This results in long tool life
• Highest turning accuracy
• Resistance to continuous stress
• Absolute freedom from wear

Advantages that we guarantee for at least 10 years:

This is a decisive criterion in areas with the toughest production conditions, such as aviation, wind power, drive technology, automotive, pumps and valves.


Working at Monforts

We are growing and you are there ...because in mechanical engineering,

we are at home as mechanics or electricians in production and service or want to steer our support in the right direction with your commercial training as a contact point in case of service.

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The total cost of a product caused by: selection, procurement, purchase, installation, operation, use and maintenance, training and repair, disposal and return and all other related activities are referred to as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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