Minimised, Optimised, Lubricated

The lubrication between tool and chips plays an important role in turning. The coolant removes heat from the machining process and, as a result, increases tool life and permits higher speeds. In conventional cooling systems, for example, oil emulsions are used in flood cooling. That requires use of up to 55,000% of the coolant, depending on the machining volume. Thus incurring significant costs for the coolant, its disposal, as well as the complex circulation systems required for delivery of the coolant.

In order to lower operating costs and expense Monforts, together with various partners, developed a new dual line minimum quantity lubrication system (MQL) for turning. It functions with an optimised air-oil mixture produced near the tool. The compact mixing chamber is integrated into the toolholder. Through the very low lubricant consumption (5% instead of 55,000%) of 50 ml per process hour the Monforts MQL solution is enormously space saving and offers clear economical and ecological advantages.