Complete Processing with only One Machine

Conventionally the processing of components is carried out in various machines and successive process steps. Each machine must be set-up, the parts transported and loaded into the machine. This costs time (set-up, transport and loading time) and money (personnel and machine costs). As part of a BMBF project Monforts and various partners developed the KombiMasch concept that reduces process time substantially, reduces the production costs significantly and at the same time, due to one set-up, increases product quality.

The KombiMasch modular machine concept, implemented in Monforts UniCen series makes the complex complete processing of components in only one machine tool possible. Through the integration of a laser it is possible to perform the following process steps one after another: soft machining (turning, milling, drilling), hardening and surface treatment as well as hard machining (turning, milling). The whole operation is controlled by a continuous CAM machining program. This brings clear time and cost advantages! It is possible to react more flexibly to customer requirements and challenges, for example in the case of time sensitive spare parts.