Laser-Assisted Ceramic Hard Turning

Industrial ceramics offers many application and optimisation options for bearing technology (full ceramic bearings), engine design (gudgeon pins, valves), valve and seal technology (washers and seal rings), and also in foundry technology (components for handling molten aluminium) due to it's outstanding product characteristics. So far however, the processing costs of approximately 80% contribute to ceramic components not being able to penetrate the market to a reasonable level as desired.

For this reason Monforts has developed a processing solution which focuses on the special characteristics of the material of the future and reduces the processing costs significantly. One problem is the low toughness of ceramic materials, whereby the resistance to crack propagation is very low. With imprecisely produced components leading to defects, it is vital to achieve high quality surface finishes. Together with research and development partners Monforts succeeded in realising a reliable process that achieves outstanding surface and edge quality via laser assisted hard turning. This reduces the processing and component costs and makes ceramic solutions more attractive and more lucrative in the market.