High Pressure Cooling while Turning

Especially in aerospace, during the manufacture of engines, large components are machined from hard materials (titanium and nickel based alloys like Inconel as well as high strength steel). These are dependent on process reliability and process speed. Above all, apart from the very high temperatures, the long fragments of chips that can scratch and damage the surface are a big problem. These can lead to costly scrapping of components, especially where fine tolerances are required.

To prevent this effect, Monforts developed a system for the application of high pressure coolants. Via a special coupling the coolant line is fed directly to the tool and the coolant is blasted, with up to 350 bar, at the tool and chips. This has many advantages: the chips breaks into small pieces due to thermal-shock and can be guided away from the workpiece. Damage to the workpiece is prevented. In addition the service life of a cooled tool is substantially longer and, in the case of turning, permits high speeds to be used.