Hard, Harder, Monforts

Monforts machine tools, thanks to their basic design, are predestined for the cost saving process of hard turning. The combination of concrete foundation, welded steel bed and the patented hydrostatic guide provide a durable optimised vibration damping. That is a fundamental requirement for exacting processes (turning and milling) with high accuracy. Even with the hardest materials (over 60HRc) our customers are able to achieve extremely smooth even surface finishes with Ra values of up to 0,1 μm.

In practice that means that: In the finishing process complex, expensive grinding processes can be replaced by hard turning with Monforts machine tools. Analyses in our customers' organisations have shown that process time is reduced by approximately 20%, the cycle time by approximately 27%, and even the set-up times reduced by up to 93%. If the long service lives of the tools, thanks to the optimised vibration damping, as well as the elimination of the cost of abrasives is taken into consideration, it's possible to realise clear cost and ultimately competitive advantages with Monforts. Hard turning instead of grinding – with Monforts it's no problem.