„Modernize what is tried and tested“

Often and after many years, the basic machine is in very good condition due to the Monforts guiding principle with a wear-free, hydrostatic column guide. In the event that failures and spare part problems appear more and more frequently because the control system is out of date or other mechanical components are worn, a modernization of the machine by part of the manufacturer can be worth. A retrofit offers in many cases an attractive and economical alternative to a new acquisition.

In its „second life“, the machine obtains again high reliability and accuracy.

Precondition of a successful retrofit is a complete caption of the actual state of the machine, in particular of the control, the drives, the mechanics as well as of the environment.With the customer‘s requirements on the future use, our experts create a concept of modernization describing the necessary work, the components to be renewed as well as possible new functions and representing in detail the expenditure of time and costs. Thereby, all work will be carried out in accordance with the valid standards and safety regulations.