UniCen Series– Flexibility plus Economy

The core of our UniCen 700 and 1000 machine tools is the specially developed B axis swivelling toolhead with a swivel range of 190º. The drill-mill head can be loaded by up to 120 tools from a separate chain magazine. As a result there are no more limits set for complete machining, turning, milling and drilling of components. Via the 5 axis machining (five interpolating axes) it is possible to direct the tools to almost any position and at any angle to the work piece. This creates maximum machining flexibility and permits even machining out complex free-form surfaces.

With a turning length up to 2,500 mm and a swing diameter of up to 1000 mm you can machine short, large and heavy work pieces with high precision, capable processes and completely in one set-up. This saves set-up and transport time, gives production security and ultimately provides reliably for all round high quality components. The long-term accuracy plays a central role thanks to the hydrostatic guide. Thanks to their high flexibility, precision and reliability Monforts UniCen are used as a first preference by, for example, turbine manufacturers.