RNC Series – Optimal Price and Performance

The RNC Series is the entrance to the world of Monforts machine tools. With the models RNC 400, RNC 500, RNC 600, RNC 700 and RNC 400 LaserTurn you receive high quality, high performance turning machines with a large range of features for universal 2 axis machining at an optimised price. Through the implementation of the Monforts machine concept with the hydrostatic guide you can benefit from the typical Monforts quality advantages – accuracy over the long-term, the highest machining capabilities, minimal down time, durability and a fast return on investment.

With turning lengths of 600 to 1,500 mm and swing diameter up to 720 mm, and the SingleTurn, MultiTurn (with a 12 station tool drive and c-axis) and DuoTurn versions (with twin spindle) it is possible to adapt the model to meet your production requirements. Further options are tool probing, Y axis, hard turning package, automatic load and unload mechanism, bar feeder and motor spindles.