MNC Series – High Performance plus Precision

The Monforts machine tools of the MNC Series are equipped for high performance, precision and flexibility. For 2 axis machining the MNC 700 and MNC 1000 have a 12 way rotary turret (optional with tool drive) on the top slide. It is possible to mill, counterbore, drill and tapp with it (also off-centre with the optional Y axis). Via the option of a lower 12 way turret with drive it is possible to increase the range of applications as well as performance – in the case of 4 axis turning it is possible for example to reduce machining time by up to 50%.

To reduce transport and set-up time, the addition of a sub-spindle for the complete machining of both sides in one set-up is recommended. The additional options of steady rests or tail stock provide further customisation of the machine tools. Your advantage: receive exactly the machine solution that meets your requirements. In addition you have the possibility to substantially reduce process times and therewith the piece cost. All with long-term accuracy thanks to the hydrostatic guide.