MHC PickUp – Automated Workpiece Handling

The MHC PickUp is a horizontal pick up machine. With this Monforts offers three different advantages as opposed to vertical machines: A larger turning diameter, larger turning length and the long-term accuracy of the hydrostatic guide. Beyond that the MHC PickUp allows production to be automated exceptionally cost-effectively. The precise, process capable machining of the clamped workpiece through turning, drilling and milling is made possible by a top mounted tool turret. In addition to bar feed, a fully automatic work piece loader/unloader is also possible.

This brings clear time and cost advantages, especially for high volume mass production, because manual operations in some cases are eliminated and cycle time, thanks to automation are significantly reduced. The ability for chips to fall away freely contributes to an increase process reliability. The large workspace door permits manual loading as well and increases the flexibility in workflow.