Turn Ceramics with the RNC 400 LaserTurn

Our RNC 400 machine tool is a Monforts innovation that makes the cost efficient processing of ceramic bar stock possible. A newly developed turret, depending on each job, is able to accommodate classic turning tools as well as laser tools. The laser beam is directed onto the tool at the cutting insert. The laser warms and softens the component with pinpoint accuracy and makes process capable hard turning with a surface finish of up to Ra = 0.2 μm possible.

Die RNC 400 LaserTurn is based on the RNC 400 DuoTurn. As a result there is a main spindle and a sub-spindle available for 2 sided processing, each having their own coolant. Fully automatic, rapid and highly efficient processing is achieved via a work piece ejector in the sub-spindle and a work piece pick-up tray in the front door. Controlled parting off with synchronised spindle rotation prevents breakaway of the ceramic. The workspace extraction system is especially suited to ceramic dust.