DNC 500 DuoTurn – Two Machines in One

Monforts DNC 500 DuoTurn machine tool is set-up for fast work with short tact time and therefore, high productivity such as required in the automotive and automotive supplier industries. The central advantage apart from the durability and long-term accuracy is being equipped with two tool turrets and two spindles. As a result components can be completely machined on both sides through turning, milling and drilling operations in this machine. Changing components over from one spindle to the other is fully automatic.

The complete processing reduces expense because, for example, transport time and set-up time to fix the part in another machine is eliminated. That in turn reduces the piece cost. In addition the vibration damping of the hydrostatic guide in the machine concept increase the tool life by up to 30%. That contributes to cost-effective production and higher competitiveness.