Fast, Precise, Cost Effective and Storm-safe

The leading manufacturers of wind-power turbines produce central components on Monforts machine tools. As wind-power is currently the fastest developing alternative energy production concept, the demand is rising enormously. In production it is increasingly dependent on performance and speed. In addition to that, wind-turbines are becoming increasingly large because, above all, in the off-shore areas wind-turbines with increasing power are being used (6MW and more).

In the case of wind-turbines, and particularly in the case of off-shore wind turbines, breakdowns and repairs are extremely expensive, therefore, the use of quality components is especially important. Monforts contributes to the manufacture of optimised durable gear and generator parts (with spindle loads up to 3.5 t!) through high precision turning, milling and drilling. Through hard turning, and Monforts have been more than successful in practice, achieving outstanding surface quality and additionally optimising the cost of production. This supports the reliability, attractiveness and safety of the turbines, provides the users market advantages and overall strengthens wind-power in the competition for new energy sources.