High-speed Turning and Milling under the Hardest Conditions

Turbines, meaning aircraft turbines or turbines for energy production, are manufactured from temperature and corrosion resistant materials with the highest grades of hardness (titanium alloys, titanium-aluminides, nickel base alloys). These materials are difficult to machine, because of the immense forces required. To reduce the tool wear and produce precise results in such cases Monforts machines are especially well suited. Special applications are for example: the turning of blisks, the milling of turbine blades (high-speed milling), or rough machining.

Owing to the basic construction designed consistently for vibration damping (firm concrete foundation, welded steel bed, hydrostatic guide) Monforts Machine tools are especially adapted to the requirements of the industry. This contributes to reliable production results with short turn-around times and optimised component quality. A clear time saving can be produced also, for example, with the integration of further processing steps (turning, roughing, milling) in a machine like the UniCen 1000. In addition to robustness and durability, it is the many technical innovations that makes Monforts a leading supplier of machine tools in the turbine market. One example is the innovative use of high-pressure coolant with a pressure of up to 350 bar.