Pumps, Fittings, Valves & Co.

Pumps, fittings and hydraulic systems for the food industry, the chemical industry or the power generation industry are subject to high safety and quality requirements. Therefore, the turning, milling and drilling is often required to achieve accuracy which often lies within microns. Only thus it can be guaranteed that, for example, the cooling pumps in a power station can run with minimum maintenance and wear. For this reason leading manufacturers of the industry use Monforts machine tools that, thanks to the hydrostatic guide, are able to guarantee accuracy over the long-term.

In order to further increase the accuracy of our machines we offer high precision tool setting, developed in-house. For fast, flexible and cost-effective processing of components such as connectors, pump housings or valves the industry is moving increasingly in the meantime to complete machining centres such as our UniCen 1000 solution. This enables various processes to be combined in one machine and complex processes to be completed in one set-up. Thus we contribute in practice to reduced cycle time, a clear productivity increase, lower costs and an generally improved competitive ability.