Machine Tools for Drive Technology

In the drive technology segment Monforts machine tools are used by leading manufacturers for the production of electric motors, compressors, and ventilators for ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology. As primarily commercial and industrial applications are in focus here, due to the demanding requirements as well as the safety relevance of the system uncompromising quality is required. Through our machines, technology and innovations we are able to meet the high requirements with regards to surface finish quality and production cost, for example with hard turning of motor shafts.

A big topic in the industry is the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the systems, not least because of the EuP Guidelines (Energy using Products). We make an important contribution here also with our system solutions for achieving optimised surface finish and thereby reduced friction values. Due to basic construction with the wear-free hydrostatic guide Monforts machine tools represent durability and accuracy for the long-term. That contributes to an optimised return on investment.